2021 Holmes County Quality Assurance Dates

Register for Virtual QA at: https://osu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cMzrnXc3tme2qZ8

This year (2021), QA will be offered virtually. At this time one in person date is planned for April 16th with more details to follow. If you cannot attend a virtual QA session listed, you will have one opportunity to follow requirements and attend the in person in April.

Sessions will be offered by species. You do not have to attend a specific species session if that does not work in your schedule, but please understand each session will be geared for the specific species listed. If you plan to exhibit multiple species, you will still only need to attend one QA session to fulfill the requirement for 2021.

These QA sessions will be limited to 40 unique emails. This means that as long as multiple family members can be seen engaging on the video of one device, only one email needs to be registered. We encourage families to use one device for the QA session.

 Quality Assurance must be complete 45 days prior to exhibition at State fair/Holmes Co. fair.

In person option April,16, 2021: details to follow

Other QA Options

  • YQCA online training option (fee)
  • Youth may attend out of county QA clinics also, but need to  proof of attendance (receipt or certificate) back to the OSU Extension Office.
  • 2021 list of State QA Sessions
  • QA Test Out (see below)

Quality Assurance Test Out, available 3/1/2021 - 5/14/2021 by appointment. Not applicable to first year members.

Cost is $5/individual.

Members ages 12-18 may take a QA test. If they pass (70% or better), they will be exempt from QA for three years, or until the next divison level. Tests will be given by appointment only.

Who needs QA training?

Any 4-H member enrolled in a food animal project. Food animals are those whose products (meat, milk, and eggs) have the potential to become part of the food chain.

Assuring Quality Care for Animals