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First year project guide for rabbits

Breeding, market and pet rabbit requirements

Skillathon Study Guides (2022)

Rabbit Tattooing- July 9, 2022

Bunny Day Camp- May 14, 2022

Age limit for a fryer is 12 weeks, and does MUST NOT be bred earlier than 115 days before the show.
In order to check each market rabbit into the fair, each animal must weigh 3.5 lbs (3lbs 8oz) or more. Any animals who do not meet this requirement will be sent home.
Minimum weight is 4.5 pounds per animal and maximum weight is 6.5 pounds per animal. If these weight requirements are not met (i.e. 3.5 lbs - 4.49lbs. Or over 6.5lbs.) the exhibit will automatically be entered in the Over/Under Weight Class and will not compete for placing