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Species Guide for First Year Poultry Projects

2022 Skillathon Study Guides

Holmes County Poultry Study Guide and Terminology

2022 Hatch Dates

  • Turkey: Recommended Hatch Dates April 3-17

  • Chickens: Recommended Hatch Dates June 14-29

  • Ducks: Highly Recommended Hatch Dates June 20-28 (birds older than these hatch dates will have pin feathers). Paperwork with hatch dates will be REQUIRED at check in. Birds without hatch dates from hatchery will not be accepted.

2022 Poultry Resource Packets






2022 Ohio Youth Poultry Clinic - March 19

2022 Poultry Clinic - July 12, 7:15pm

2021 Pullorum Testing: Tuesday, July 27, 4 to 6 p.m.

All poultry must have NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) paperwork from the hatchery where the birds were obtained. If you hatch your own birds or obtain them from anywhere other than an NPIP approved hatchery, the birds must have a pullorum  test 30 days or less prior to fair check in.  This test is at the cost of the exhibitor.  THIS PAPERWORK MUST ACCOMPANY THE BIRDS AT THE TIME OF CHECK IN AT THE FAIR.

Poultry Project Resource Guides

Poultry Resources