December 14, 2017 - 12:00am -- gerber.248

Members planning to exhibit a Beef Steer or Dairy Steer at the 2018 Holmes County Fair must have their steer weighed and tagged on December 16th at Harvest Ridge (9:00 to11:00 AM). Each member may weigh in two steers, but may only show one at the Holmes County Fair.  A member’s name must be given with each animal at weigh-in.  One steer may serve as a “back up” for two or more siblings, but the steer will be put in one family member’s name.   For your safety and those helping with the weigh-in, it is extremely important that all calves be halter broke at the time of weigh-in.

If you know of a new member or someone who did not take a steer project last year who wishes to take a steer project in 2018, please tell them about weigh-in and have them contact the OSU Extension Office at 330-674-3015.

2017 Steer Weigh-in letter

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