2020 Project Evaluations

LifeSkills Evaluation (including Food & Nutrition Projects): Thursday, July 16, 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Harvest Ridge. MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. See instructions below.

Families that prefer a virtual judging option, please email hill.1357@osu.edu or gerber.248@osu.edu to request and a Zoom meeting will be created.

Before scheduling appoinments, know your project numbers and the color you need to sign up for!

Click here for the 2020 Lifeskills Evaluation Appointment Link

Project Color match 2020

Please note for Lifeskills judging sign-up: There are xx judges per 20 minute segment. Each spot is organized by judge (matched to a color) and the projects they're judging. Please match the youth's project number with the correct spot (color). The xx spots repeat identically for each twenty minute time segment and are listed as follows:


 How To Schedule an Appointment:

1. Identify 4-H member's project number(s). Look them up here

2. Match project number(s) to judge (color) on list above.

3. Find an open appointment time for each project, make sure it matches up with the appropriate judge.

**Families, please comment with member's name and project number if signing up multiple members. The block above repeats every twenty minutes. Each judge is available every twenty minutes.


Livestock Judging

  • No in-person judging in 2020.
  • Member record books can be dropped off at the fairgrounds on the following dates/times
    • July 15, 10a-7p
    • July 16, 10a to 7p.
  • Books will be judged as complete/incomplete. Incomplete projects will not be eliegible for exhibiton at the 2020 Holmes County Fair.